If you are looking for a proven automated sales funnel system, this review should help. Learn how to use the Rapid Profit Machine and get more leads and sales in your business.

Review Of Rapid Profit Machine - Why It Is Well Loved

*****UPDATE: I made earnings of US$405.87 after about 3 weeks of promoting and just received REAL HARD CASH into my PAYPAL account****

What is Rapid Profit Machine

The Rapid Profit Machine is a completely free, do-it-yourself affiliate marketing system built on the fantastic Builderall all-in-one digital marketing platform.

The system includes a full website as well as three separate landing pages that are optimized for different traffic sources. An email list is integrated with a page optimized for solo ads, an interactive page optimized for general web use and social media, and a Google Ads compliant page.

Email marketing is the most impressive feature of the Rapid Profit Machine. The autoresponder is automatically configured after installation to begin sending a custom email sequence that includes your affiliate links.

Setup of the fully automated Rapid Profit Machine marketing system is completely free. Let us do more of the Rapid Profit Machine review below.

Why Rapid Profit Machine is Different

Rapid Profit Machine isn't your typical affiliate marketing course.

They are more of a system that you can get for free and use to start your own affiliate marketing business.

There is a section within the course that teaches you about affiliate marketing and how to do it. However, the videos are only about 5 minutes long, and there aren't many different modules.

If you believe you will gain a lot from the training, you might be better off getting free information on YouTube or my recommended platform here.

Anyway, with nothing to lose, everything appears to be going well so far.

Rapid Profit Machine Review in a Nutshell

The founder, James Neville Taylor, created this system that he claimed earned him $10,000s in commission and is now giving it away for free.

The first component of the system is a five-page website with three different opt-in pages (or lead pages) to choose from.

You can select a lead page that is optimized for solo ads, an interactive quiz page that is optimized for general use and is also good for social media, or a Google Ads compliant lead page.

Email follow-ups are one of the Rapid Profit Machine's best features. And, yes, these are also professionally written for you!

So, after installing the entire Rapid Profit Machine (with the click of a button! ), the email autoresponder is immediately set up to begin delivering a 14-day e-mail sequence to your new leads, followed by another 14-day e-mail sequence after your leads sign up for Builderall's free two-week trial.

And your affiliate links will be automatically embedded in all of your emails!

How Rapid Profit Machine works

When you arrive at the Rapid Profit Machine sales page, simply click the button to receive the done-for-you system for free.

However, in order to obtain them, you must first create an account with Builderall.

And when you click the Builderall button, you will be given a 14-day trial to use the system that James has created for you.

Here's how it works...

The template provided to you is not one that you can easily customize to change the affiliate product.

With the template, you will actually promote the same thing to which you are being promoted.

So you've gotten the template to promote...

Yes, Rapid Profit Machine is also included.

Setting up Rapid Profit Machine

To function, the system requires a Builderall account. To test the funnel, you can download and install it for a 14-day trial period. After 14 days, you must upgrade to a paid account to continue. If you already have a Builderall account, you can skip that step and simply download it to your account.

There are only three steps, plus one bonus step that grants you access to all of the training and members-only areas.

You not only get the system for free, but you also get access to training worth thousands of dollars in the members' area. Find out in this signup to explore

Free Affiliate Marketing Training - Builderall Affiliate Program Review

This training alone is worth $500-1000. (no joke). Whether you are a complete beginner in affiliate marketing or a seasoned marketer, this training is so valuable that it is incredible how much knowledge James will impart on you.

If you want to accelerate your results, you can do so by purchasing high-quality traffic here. James' traffic is aimed squarely at the make money online niche.

There is no requirement to buy traffic; however, it is included here for those who wish to use a paid traffic strategy.

You can also purchase additional rotator traffic spots if desired. I've never used paid traffic so easily!

Read more about the Builderall affiliate program review

What are the OTO / Upsells

Yes, there are 5 optional upsells or OTOs (one-time offers) that you can choose from.

Remember, you also earn 50% commissions on three of the OTOs (excluding RPM pro), unless you upgrade to RPM pro, in which case you earn 100% commissions on all four, including RPM pro, which is paid monthly!

Plus, you earn Builderall 100% commissions on your 1st month, followed by 30% monthly recurring commissions on 2 levels!

For more info on the Builderall affiliate commissions, check out the estimation here

OTO 1: Rapid Profit Machine PRO (RPM PRO)

If you choose to upgrade to RPM Pro, which costs only $69.97 per month, you will earn 50% commissions on all four upsells (as of May 2022, however, it may be subject to change in future).

In addition, you will receive additional VIP affiliate marketing training as well as free tracking software!

This is entirely optional, but at that price, it's a steal (I have it, and it's well worth it).

You'll get the Monthly DFY Organic Toolkit and the Advanced Training with this package alone.

Check out Rapid Profit Machine PRO


This upgrade comes at $69.90 per month. In addition to the Monthly DFY Organic Toolkit and Advanced Training, this RPM PROMAX also comes with 1 DFY PLR Product/Month and 1 DFY Sales Page/Month.

This is absolutely great for anybody who wish to take more action with a "lazier" approach to wait for additional product to help you promote and sell. With a 50% commission structure, you'll not only earn more but help your affiliate downlines more as well.


The difference between this upgrade package and the above 2 is that this package offers additionally DFY Bonus Page Per Month, 7 DFY Emails Per Month and the EXCLUSIVE Early Promotion To New Monthly Launches.

So this is as per your membership title - VIP. You'll not only get ahead of everybody else, but also get more things done for you - written for you emails to help remind your already existing subscribers to sign up and buy - so additional commissions earned for you!

OTO 4: Taylored Income Streams Trifecta

With a 30 day done for you email sequence downloaded and plugged into your RPM system in just a few clicks, you will have access to three SUPER HIGH converting income streams.

You currently have access to the main RPM funnel, which includes two weeks of follow-up...

But what happens next?

What are your plans for the next two weeks?

The longer you go without emailing those hot leads, the colder they will become.

You can, of course, go out and find some programmes to promote.

I hope they're all right.

I hope they pay you what you are owed.

Obtain the emails,

Get your links together,

Then you can copy and paste everything.

But, let's face it, you've got more important things to do.

So, with this package of three hot income streams, you can easily download the sequences and connect them to your RPM without even clicking edit on any of the emails.

It's never been easier to use the same technology as the RPM!

As a result, you will save a tremendous amount of time, energy, and effort while also ensuring that your leads do not go cold after the RPM email sequence concludes.

PLUS You will also receive FREE retargeting through James' paid ads!

It costs $97 - Check out Taylored Income Streams Trifecta

OTO 5: Massive Affiliate Blueprint

According to Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0 Review, Massive Affiliate Blueprint includes a next generation affiliate marketing system that can turn anyone into a high paying affiliate. Let's take a look inside the Massive Affiliate Blueprint. It's right here.

40+DFY Proven & Tested High-converting affiliate offers

12 DFY proven and tested, high converting landing pages

12 DFY proven and tested, high converting bridge pages

365+ DFY professionally written, high-converting email promotion swipes

MASSIVE Traffic Secrets Package from TOP Traffic Experts

365 Days Unlimited Brain Bank Email Access

12 Monthly "ask them all" VIP calls

Exclusive access to 100+ traffic rolodex

Receive 100% Commissions on all of my high-converting products from $7 to $100 a pop

$450 Per Sale for Every Sale You Make of Taylor Your Future Now DFY Massive Blueprint 1.0

Receive 100% Commissions on all of my high-converting products from $7 to $100 a pop

365 Days Unlimited Technical Assistance

$450 Per Sale for Every Sale You Make of Taylor Your Future Now DFY Massive Blueprint 1.0

Exclusive Monthly Private Affiliate contest

Full Access, VIP treatment to Taylor Your Future LIVE (VIRTUAL)

Recordings for ALL monthly Masterclass Sessions, Q&A Sessions & Live Case Studies

White Label Affiliate Marketing Course


Check out Massive Affiliate Blueprint here

Bonus OTO 1: Rapid Profit Machine Chatbot Template

This Rapid Profit Machine Chatbot Template will significantly increase your email opening rates. This chatbot template collects your prospect's email address and sends it to your RPM opt-in email list end email sequence. This chatbot template comes with a landing page, an email lead capture flow, and three automated chatbot follow up sequences. Import everything with a single click - ONLY $47

Check out Rapid Profit Machine Chatbot Template here

BONUS OTO 2 (NEW!): Highly Converting SOLO ADS and GOOGLE ADS

This package gives you the definite multiple income streams with solo ads and Google ads.

Get them in the links above!

A Complete DFY Affiliate Marketing System

What more do you expect this Rapid Profit Package?

Well this "profit now system reviews" of the profit machine is indeed a complete DFY Affiliate Marketing System for even beginners in affiliate marketing!

The Builderall cost is just so manageable and you can easily claim back your costs once you hop onto it.

How Do You Promote Rapid Profit Machine

Methods You Can Use To Market The RPM Affiliate Product

Why Rapid Profit Machine is so Well Loved

There is nothing to pay for! Nope, no money for it!

I told you this was a completely free affiliate programme that would blow your mind!

(All four Rapid Profit Machine OTOs are entirely optional.)

Builderall even provides a two-week free trial, which is required because the entire system is built on it. It's also ridiculously priced to have unlimited access to over 40 online marketing tools all on one platform?you can find out more about that here.

And even if you cancel after your Builderall trial (though I'm not sure why you would), you'll still have access to the Rapid Profit Machine and all of the training for free!

Furthermore, with the new RPM changes, James will send you free traffic. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining the RPM today.

You can also check out the Rapid Profit Machine Facebook Group which can attest to how popular the RPM membership is with well over 9,000 interested souls, as of May 2022. It's about an increase of 2,000 members since January 2022, that is 22.2% increase in a span of 4 months!

Builderall Refund Policy After Signing Up

As you do have the option to sign up for Builderall for better results of the Rapid Profit Machine, you may be asking what this Builderall refund policy is all about? Should you find Builderall not suitable for your sales funnels use, you may want to get a refund after that.

One clause states that the user may only request a refund for the first 30 days of their subscription. If you exceed the 30-day time limit, you will be unable to request a refund. You will only be able to request that your subscription be cancelled.

The user is only entitled to one refund per account. This does not apply to duplicate charges.

For example, if they have been a paying subscriber for three months, they will not be eligible for a refund. They will be completely free to cancel their subscription if they provide a reason.

If the user has generated any commission during any given month of their subscription, they will not be able to request a refund.

This policy is applicable to all Builderall platform plans.

If a user requests cancellation or a refund, they should provide a reason for leaving the platform. We use this method to learn and improve by better understanding why people leave our platform.

For more information on the Builderall refund policy, please refer to https://builderall.com/terms-of-use

2022 Update On Rapid Profit Machine So Far

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